Did you lose funds during the last crypto market crash? Are you thinking what you could have, would have and should have done? Well, let me introduce to you, Bumper Finance. Bumper is an innovative DeFi protocol designed for price protection of your crypto assets against downside market risk. Set the price you want to protect, and if the market crashes, your asset will never fall below that price. Importantly, if the market pumps, your asset rises too. This is a prototype of a user experience of someone looking to gain that price protection. You just need to set the…


Binance Ontario closes up shop rather than meet Ontario Securities Commission laws.

Binance is no longer open for business in Canada’s most populous province, apparently choosing to close shop rather than meet the fate of other cryptocurrency exchanges that have had actions filed against them for allegedly failing to comply with Ontario securities laws. Was it a smart move? Follow….

Theta Mainnet 3.0 is here as of June 30th, 2021! In less than 24 hours from launch, Theta went from 400million TFUEL staked to over 1billion TFUEL staked! Whooaaaah! We’ll dig a little deeper into the staking enhancements “Theta Edge Node v.3.0.6 Released” section and why the sudden increase since the Mainnet 3.0 launch. If you want to go deep-deep, like technical deep, feel free to read their Theta Mainnet 3.0 Whitepaper here.

Theta blockchain performed a hardfork at blockheight 10,968,061 to enable the Mainnet 3.0 upgrade. These updates are critical to incentivizing Edge Nodes and growing their numbers to…

A Trillion Dollar mistake?

China’s redundant FUD or crackdown on Cryptocurrencies is nothing new nowadays. However, recently China has targeted a more niche sector in the Crypto space… and that’s mining.

It all comes down to centralization. Chinese mining centralization to be more specific, has always been a thorn to growth and prosperity for Crypto Currency.

In May, the government called for a severe crackdown on bitcoin mining and trading, setting off what’s being dubbed in the crypto space as “The Great Migration” . The Exodus of a collection of mining companies and exchanges all already underway and many western…

Crypto Security!

Welcome TCLers. We’d like to get into an important subject we think people in the Crypto Currency space don’t know enough, security.

We’ve put together a list of what we think are the most important ways or tools to have and use to make sure you are tightly secured here within the crypto space.

Let’s get started.

Losing money is painful. Being rekt is even more painful. Crypto is volatile, we all know this. So we should just get used to it, learn from our mistakes and hopefully not get shakin out. Right? There must be a better way!

I love telling my buddies about my gains in crypto, but losses, well, not so much. I mean, not as bad as the gambler who is in love with the Casino and only ever talks about their winnings. We know you lost at some point and tell the whole story, like when you won $5k… how much did…

Theta Network

Technology today is amazing, but somehow, streaming quality and load times are still terrible. Everyone has a computer with extra bandwidth to spare, especially when a machine is not being used. Now you can make money by putting that bandwidth to use, thanks to Theta Network! Here’s how it works, when you are watching your favorite streamer or when you are asleep, Theta client will tap into your extra bandwidth to relay video streams to local viewers. They will enjoy improved quality and loading times while you earn Theta Tokens! The more you deliver, the more you earn!

How To Identify Rug Pulls

Rug Pulls. Examples and avoidances within the DeFi and Crypto Space.

The Cryptocurrency space is a metropolis of technology and disruptive tech that can be life changing. However, this can lead to features of vulnerability and malicious behavior. Normally here at the TCL channel, we like to teach you how to bank coin. Today, we’re going to teach you how to avoid losing your coin to SCAMS!

The wild wild west as some would call it, anything goes. No regulators to help you retract your accidental send to a false wallet or prevent the hacker that just stole all your…

XP Network and Elrond announced a beast of a partnership not too long ago (June 16th 2021). I will explain why this partnership is insaaaannnnne… but not until I tell you a little about what both projects do on their own.


5 figures, 6 figure prices, investors and gamers alike are pouring in and buying millions of dollars worth of digital land…in video games? NFTs or Non Fungible Tokens are the new craze and it’s just the beginning. Follow…

As a gamer myself. I can’t reclaim how much money I’ve spent on items, aesthetics or gear, making my avatar or character stronger. Games like Fortnite, Minecraft, World of Warcraft are among the biggest names in the industry with the most lucrative pull-in from in-game transactions and seasonal limited time offerings to their users.

Enter Blockchain technology. You may be familiar with…

The Crypto Lifestyle

Mr 100x = Trend Setter

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