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4 min readJan 20, 2022


Beamswap ($GLINT) is LIVE! Beamswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) with an automated market maker (AMM), providing liquidity and peer-to-peer transactions. But it aims to be so much more than that. Supporting an array of services and features, it will allow you to swap crypto assets, both fungible and non-fungible, earn passive income from staking and yield farming, and even launch your own crypto projects on Moonbeam.

Why Moonbeam?

The Beamswap team has chosen the Moonbeam network to launch their DeFi services. Moonbeam is a Polkadot parachain with the most funds raised and the highest number of contributions. Being Ethereum-compatible, it merges Ethereum’s simplicity of use and adaptability of smart contracts with the scalability power of Polkadot. It also ensures a seamless transition from other EVM chains, giving developers and users more room for connectivity and the use of advanced features. This makes Moonbeam the preferred network to support Beamswap.

In the Moonbeam ecosystem, Beamswap has the first-mover advantage. To respond to user needs, offer features to the widest audience, and support further development, Beamswap is based on the Moonbeam network, which is compatible with all the main tools known to the average user — Metamask, Remix, Hardhat, Truffle, and more.

With cross-chain integrations, it facilitates interoperability and supports the decentralized aspect of the Beamswap platform. And with on-chain governance, the changes and upgrades of features are managed and implemented through user collaboration.

Moonbeam’s low gas prices make the Beamswap platform’s services highly competitive, while the overall scalability supports further growth and sustains the ever-growing user demands.


📜 $GLINT Token address: 0xcd3B51D98478D53F4515A306bE565c6EebeF1D58

💸Buy $GLINT on Beamswap:

Key Features of Beamswap

The products and features at Beamswap were curated with beginners and experienced users in mind. Their goal is to provide users with a suite of tools that cover all of their needs directly on the Beamswap platform.

🟣Token Swap

The main product that enables trustless, peer-to-peer trading on Moonbeam. Swap supported tokens at fast speeds, low fees and directly from your wallet. Learn how to use their swap HERE.

🟣Liquidity Provision

Liquidity providers earn 0.17% swapping fees from the pairs they’ve provided liquidity in. You can supply liquidity and start earning fees here. Your liquidity can earn even more rewards (GLINT) if they’re staked at Yield farms!

🟣Yield Farms

The Liquidity farm is the place to stake your BEAM-LP (Beamswap Liquidity Pair tokens) to earn GLINT. These farms provide incentives to people providing liquidity to Beamswap and help offset Impermanent Loss risk.


Bridge your cryptocurrencies from other EVM chains to Moonbeam and vice versa with Beamswap’s bridge. In the beginning they will be supporting Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain bridging towards Moonbeam and later will add more chains with Multichain Bridge support. Learn how to use their bridge HERE.


Users: Hold Beamshare tokens to access exclusive IDOs & Public sales for tokens launching on Moonbeam Projects: Partner with Beamswap to launch your project on Moonbeam. Here you will get access to funding, the existing community and more.


Obtain enough $GLMR to pay for a few transactions and swap. Only once per wallet.

BEAMSWAP has a completed audit by Solidity Finance. You can check out that audit here:

The audit is done! The token is live! The roadmap is looking bullish and the team is delivering! Check out the latest roadmap HERE.

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