Chumbi Valley an NFT Play-To-Earn Game To Put On Your Radar!

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4 min readNov 19, 2021


Attention TCLers! We have a whitelist opportunity to tell you about for seed NFTs. Win 1 of 4000 whitelist opportunities for a seed Chumbi NFT. All you need to do is enter the raffle here and if you are one of the lucky winners, you will be able to buy up to 3 pods in December.

Why Chumbi Valley?

You mean besides the massive community, and nearly 2 million people who have already entered the raffle? Well, if that’s not enough, let’s take a closer look at Chumbi Valley.

The team at Chumbi Valley is well aware that blockchain gaming, along with the play-to-earn movement, are signaling a paradigm shift in the gaming space. Players have always been the central driving force behind any successful game and now they can be rewarded with crypto for the contributions that they make to their gaming community. Chumbi Valley aims to establish themselves as a leader in this revolutionary gaming space. They believe that now is the time for blockchain games to feel like the beloved video games that we all grew up with. Chumbi Valley will offer an enjoyable and familiar gaming experience, without complicated blockchain jargon. They are focusing on building a strong community and listening to feedback right from the beginning. They do not intend to rush any aspect of this project, and their vision for Chumbi Valley is long term. Chumbi Valley is a developing NFT Play-To-Earn game. They feature adorable NFT creatures called Chumbi. Players will be able to explore the mystical forest in Chumbi Valley while earning blockchain rewards.

An important message from Chumbi Valley:

Hey Chumbi Gang! 💚

Whitelisting Starts Now!!


You have 13 days to enter the raffle for a chance to get whitelisted for our upcoming Seed Chumbi NFT Sale. 4,000 winners will be drawn at random.

Be one of the first players to own a super exclusive and adorable Seed Chumbi NFT! They will be the first Chumbi to exist in the Chumbi Valley forest and have exclusive coats and body parts that will never be minted again. 🌲🌳🍃

🎁 PRIZE: Seed Chumbi NFT Sale Whitelist Position

🏆 WINNERS: 4,000

⏰ Deadline: 29th November 7pm GMT +8


🔸 1. Visit

🔸 2. Provide your **public **Polygon wallet address in the first task

🔸 3. Complete ALL tasks on the list to be entered in the raffle

🔸 4. If you win a whitelist position, you will be able to participate in our Seed Chumbi NFT sale on our website in early December. Each winner will get the chance to buy up to 3 Pods that will hatch into the rarest, most exclusive Chumbi NFTs ever minted!!

🔸 5. Winners will be drawn and announced within 72 hours of the raffle ending


- If you have already completed one of the tasks or are already following us, you can still verify that you have done so, by clicking through and following the steps.

- We are using the platform GiveLab instead of They are identical social raffle platforms, and GiveLab better suited our raffle requirements.

✨ View the NFT prices: <>

✨ Read more about the NFTs: <>


Good luck to all you TCLers, and till the next Medium, you’re on your own! Laterrrrrr…

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