Degen Swap is a DEX Hitting Us Like A Storm With Its IDO — Nov 15th

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3 min readNov 14, 2021


An upcoming cross-chain decentralized exchange call Degenswap ($DEGEN) is about to take the market by storm. Degenswap is the sister project to Smartswap. Both are addressing a serious need in crypto and together they are could very well change the space. Smartswap solved the slippage issue while Degenswap finds you the absolute best price. $DEGEN is about to have their IDO which will take place on November 15th. IDO and TGE time TBA!

First, let’s look at the team behind Degenswap. Ever hear of The Atom Foundation? Yes, they are the same team that created, Jointer, Smartswap, and more. They have top Venture Partners including DAO Maker, Moonwhale, DraperVenture Network and our one and only, The Crypto Lifestyle, to name a few. Their team is huge and consists of Yoda Regev (CEO & CTO), Kyle White (CMO) and Debbie Rosenblum (CPO). Max Dier, previously from Mantra Dao, is the PDO Dao Manager. Degenswap is a project that is trying to make gains in the crypto industry and has the team to drive it. The Atom Foundation’s mission is to solve liquidity issues facing blockchain right now, and Degenswap is a large piece of the puzzle.

Degenswap does not relay on the automated market maker technology that other swaps rely on, such as Uniswap, 1inch or OX or others. $DEGEN is a new type of decentralized exchange with a purpose to provide a solution ot the liquidity crisis. As millions of people continue to flock to cryptocurrency, liquity will become a bigger issue. Degenswap and Smartswap will offer 100% gas and fee reimbursement. Imagine that… trading crypto without paying for gas or any other related fees.

So you’re probably asking, how are these fees reimbursed? Well first, $DEGEN must be staked to take advantage of these lower fees which will be a no-brainer for the people that want to do zero fee trading… Of course, we all want to do zero fee training. We all cringe at paying high fees, esepcailly on Ethereum, uggh! I imagine we’ll se a lot of staking once $DEGEN is released!

There are a lot of people talking about Degenswap and Smartswap and everyone wants to see gas and fees eliminated. Make sure to follow our channel for the most up-to-date information on these projects and future projects. That’s all for now. Till’ next time, you’re on your own. Laterrrr…

DegenSwap Cross-Chain Liquidity Aggregator Launching Soon!

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