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5 min readOct 25, 2021

GameStar Exchange, a revolutionary new decentralised P2P exchange platform, is powered by its utility token — GMS. This token’s purpose is not speculation, but rather to energise the ecosystem, empower users, and develop the entire platform. Here’s all you need to know about how the GMS token will revolutionise the future of NFT trading

The token, in particular, will provide several key benefits, functioning as a tool that will:

· Reduce fees for traders who pay trading fees in GMS rather than Bitcoin or BUSD.

· Work as collateral to grant traders the right to trade certain types of assets on the platform and to discourage fraud.

· Work as an advantage for Taurus protocol judges to correctly adjudicate claims.

· Work as a disincentive for Taurus protocol judges to attempt to judge insincerely.

· Be repurchased with the proceeds of platform trading fees in order to further incentivise the ecosystem.

· Incentivise loyal users, the protocol allows for staking.

· Provide rights and voting power in DAO governance.

The GameStar Exchange team believes these use cases and benefits will contribute to the GMS token’s real utility. Hopefully, this will help in the development of the ecosystem and the formation of a truly dynamic community over time.

The Gamestar Exchange Tokenomics prove that Gamestar is focused on making this a long-term project. What is especially unique about Gamestar is that they didn’t allow any contribution over $5k in the their Seed, Private A or Private B rounds. That is because we are focused on promoting GMS to active users of the platform. The token is used for reducing exchange fees, as collateral for trading and to participate in our Taurus arbitration system among other uses. They wanted to make sure that nobody can dump a huge amount of tokens at one time on the market and swing the price on our platform users. They favor individuals that want to be active users and participants in the market for our utility token. This is how it is done folks. Complete a successful raise with a community that is there to actively support the project and contribute to the ecosystem. This not only incentivizes community members to hold and invest into GMS, but also protects them from getting dumped on.

Joshua Vizer, CEO

The Gamestar team is lead by Joshua Vizer. He is an experienced financial professional helping others to manage and transfer assets domestically and cross-border. Significant experience with Chinese investors and cross-border investment as well. Joshua is a major reason why Gamestar Exchange looks so promising. His experience at Paxful is invaluable, as Gamestar is essentially a much better decentralized Paxful with way better features. It’s hard to really compare the two, but Joshua was the Director of Institutional Accounts at Paxful and now CEO of Gamestar. At Paxful, he manageed Global Accounts and Major Partnerships. For those that don’t know Paxful, well here’s the ‘coles notes’. Paxful is a centralized peer-to-peer exchange with nearly 400 ways to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as BTC, Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT). This includes bank transfers, online wallets, digital currencies, cash payments, goods and services, and gift cards, among the most widely used payment options for money transfers to Nigeria. You have over 125 gift card brands to choose from on Paxful. This includes popular global brands for game items and accessories, makeup, shoes and clothing, gadgets, accommodations, and a lot more. Paxful is the largest Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin marketplace globally with a volume of over $5 billion. Traders on Paxful sell $16.2 million of Bitcoin for discounted gift cards each week! Joshua Vizer brings a wealth of experience to Gamestar and has the answers to a lot of questions that will present themselves.

Dev Sharma (CMO)

Dev Sharma has extensive background in marketing, specifically to cryptocurrency. He founded Blockwiz upon noticing a lack of professionalism and understanding around marketing in the cryptocurrency industry. Companies had to pay unreasonable amount of money on rigid ‘packages’ that led to underwhelming results. He says “Marketing cryptocurrencies isn’t just about connecting you to an influencer or running a giveaway”.Blockwiz acts as a full stack crypto marketing solutions provider. Instead of selling you overpriced packages, with hidden costs, and unproven results — Blockwiz works as an extension of your in-house marketing team and works on a data-driven, transparent plan that is customized for your growth objectives with a mix of campaigns across multiple channels — influencers, community, emails, blogs, press releases, SEO. Dev Sharma’s experience with Blockwiz will surely be beneficial to the marketing side of Gamestar Exchange.

Justin Da Costa, CDO

Justin Da Costa is a motivated educator with a love for video games, blockchain technology and cryptos. He is a content producer for NFT Shorts, Bramwood Podcast, and is a video game music composer, record producer and Executive Producer. Justin brings his skills and experience in producing excellent content to Gamestar Exchange!

The Gamestar Exchange team also includes Kamil Boruszkowski (CSO) and Emmanuel Martin (CRM), along with Advisors Francis Dhun (The Crypto Lifestyle), Matthew Kay and Kiril Ivanov. With all of this experience between the team and advisors, Gamestar Exchange will be a success. It is not only filling a needed void in the market, but it is driven by a passionate, committed and experienced team. We’re all looking forward to Gamestar Exchange launching in Q4 and can’t wait to see it make waves in the crypto market!

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