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Recent Konomi Updates

$KONO. Konomi Network.

Through the speedy blur of this Crypto space, often we forget that our portfolio requires TLC. Some tender love and care, some attention to our past investments. There is nothing addictive about it, just a confirmation to make sure nothing is going hay-wire with any of your portfolio’s projects. Simply put, some projects and protocols can sometimes be dead quiet, despite how crazy the space is. Not the case for KONOMI. Minimal twitter news and updates, weigh mammoth between the lines. There are legends at work people. Rest assured that KONOMI aims to bring the best experience yet and proves so with their recent partnerships and staking reward programs.

I’ve summarized the most recent news and updates to give you and your $KONO bags some tender love and care. Konomi, along with Litentry, Dora Factory and DODODEX, have been working diligently in the background together. The goal of an interoperable money market is just too ingenious to ignore. Follow me…

Konomi partnership with Litentry

Konomi, continuously pushes through, strengthening the fundamentals of their decentralized ecosystem. Their most recent partnership with Litentry, shows they’re headed in the right direction

Through this collaboration, Litentry will provide on-chain Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs), providing data to better cater to the needs of their ever-growing customer base. Overall, this should improve the experience of the Konomi platform, bringing more value as they explore new ways to adjust and integrate collateral rates, as well as credit scores based on a user’s verified online identity. The Credit score will be derived from sophisticated algorithms with variables, eg: Loan repayment periods, leverage ratio’s net asset value, risk preference and many more other features. (Litentry is a cross-chain decentralized identity aggregator, allowing the aggregation of identity records across multiple networks. Litentry is a Substrate-based application, and will be launching on the Polkadot network to start introducing its decentralized identity tools. Litentry is community-governed and privacy-focused, and can be used for a variety of identification needs, such as KYC, credit scores, or other credentials that need verification in order to provide services.)

Dora Factory x KONOMI

Konomi has been keeping their heads down working hard! A recent partnership with the likes of Dora Factory, a Substrate based startup, will enhance their entire governance feature as well as conjuring an entire ecosystem of NFTs,(doing their part in their promotion of mass adoption.) They will be co-funding developments within the Polkadot and Kusama networks.

KONOMI also plans on joining the DoraHackathon series 2021 as an official sponsor, actively engaging in global grant programs, hacker community events and ceremonies utilizing toolkits offered by Dora Factory network all for Konomi’s protocol! Konomi and Dora Factory will co-fund research on Defi protocol related community on-chain governance schemes and product development to implement the best User Interface and User Experience.

(DoraFactory receives support from one of the largest and most active blockchain developer communities, DoraHacks. The company recently announced the DoraHacks Global Hackathon Series 2021, hosting hackathons in 15 blockchain developer-centric cities, including Austin, Berlin, Denver, Waterloo, San Francisco, New York, and Bengaluru.)

All Await the $KONO Stake!

“As a way to reward our active community members and continue to expand our partnership capabilities and token use case, we are excited to announce that we will be officially joining the DODO Booster Program to offer a new liquidity mining campaign. This four-week-long endeavor will allow liquidity miners to provide liquidity in the forms of KONO and ETH, where they will then be rewarded with KONO and DODO tokens. This is a great way to put idle tokens to work if you are a hodler, or a way to generate passive income while supporting projects you are already involved with.” (KONOMI Telegram Announcement)

See what I mean? A blur! Konomi will be participating in DODODEX’s Raptor Booster Program. A 14-day trading mining campaign. During the event users who trade $KONO tokens on the DODODEX platform (ERC-20) will be eligible for trading mining rewards. vDODO Holders can earn KONO as well through vDODO mining.


$KONO/$ETH Liquidity Mining campaign that started on April 22, ending May 20, 2021. As of today, its a whopping 197.85%!


The team is working diligently for the cause! With this program being the giant of a money market, it’s inevitable that a slew of new users will rush to the Polkadot ecosystem. It will truly be the most popular highway for exchanges. You can learn more about acquiring some $KONO/$DODO LP staking rewards here:

Konomi (KONO) will be joining the DODO Raptor Program, launching both Trading Mining and vDODO…

Hello CommanDODOs, Konomi (KONO) (https://www.konomi.network/#/)will particor Program and run the…Check

Eventually, staking features will be coming to the KONOMI protocol itself. Keep your eyes peeled, as I will update you as soon as this comes to fruition!

Eventually Staking will be coming to the KONOMI protocol itself!

Making moves $KONO!

Top 10 under $50mil market cap! A true blue token in the making!

Keep your eyes on $KONO here for more info! https://t.me/konominetwork

Questions? The team at KONOMI are always hosting AMA’s with contests and rewards. Think you have a question good enough? Try it for a possible 100 $KONO at their next AMA! https://t.me/konominetworkchannel

Check out a live interview of KONOMI’s COO, Jayden Antonio, taken by the legend himself, Francis of The Crypto Lifestyle.

Cheers all, from the TCL team. The Crypto Lifestyle.

(Konomi is a cross-chain decentralized money market protocol supporting assets across multiple blockchains. Built using Polkadot’s Substrate, Konomi is positioning itself to become the Polkadot ecosystem’s preeminent money market protocol. By drastically improving base layer functionality and offering easy interoperability with existing defi projects and tokens, Konomi will act as a cryptocurrency highway that allows for fluid movement between decentralized assets, regardless of which chain they originate on.)

The Crypto Lifestyle

Here on The Crypto Lifestyle we emphasize the importance of crypto mass adoption, decentralisation and bitcoin related stuff that can bank us coin.

So if you wanna learn more, join our channels on Youtube and Twitter.




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The Crypto Lifestyle

The Crypto Lifestyle

Mr 100x = Trend Setter

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