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4 min readJan 15, 2022


Introducing MetaFighter, the first blockchain-powered arcade fighting game! Metafighter is a unique skill-based Play-to-Earn NFT fighting game that captures the essence of arcade fighting classics like Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur. Remember, starting the game with a “Hadouken!” in Street Fighter? Maybe not… but it was epic. Well, Metafighter is leading the way by taking blockchain games to a new level. Now there is more than just bragging rights on the table as the in-game economy rewards players for their combat prowess. Fight to earn, fight to learn and fight to gain. It’s the ultimate metaverse fighting championship. Metafighter has it all and is expected to launch in Q1 2022!

Players can purchase, lend or rent fighters and the arenas, the skins they adorn and the superpowers they use to overcome their opponents. It comes with a vibrant NFT marketplace and lets players stake $FIGHT tokens to gain a competitive edge on their opponents.

Why Metafighter?

The Fighting Game Community (FGC) has a passionate fanbase known for sinking thousands of hours into games to hone their skills, learn the combos and be able to compete with other players. Fighting games are technical, intense, fast-paced and reward dedication to the craft more than any other genre.

It’s a perfect fit for a player-driven blockchain economy. Those who would already spend the time practicing their moves will be given additional incentives to be the best. The competitive FGC scene will be augmented through the ability to wager on their skills, put their talents to the test and Play-to-Earn.

Play-To-Earn and NFTs

As A Play-To-Earn Fighting Game, MetaFighter Captures The Essence Of Arcade Fighting Classics Like Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter, And Soul Calibur, While Delivering An In-Game Economy That Rewards Players For Their Combat Prowes. MetaFighter is not only a simple arcade fighting game. It utilizes the use case of NFT and smart contract-controlled tokens in a unique way. Every in-game Fighter or asset is backed by a unique and dynamic NFT.

Game Mode

Fight To Learn: Everyone can play Metafighter without holding any blockchain asset. Metafighter brings Fun back to Blockchain-Gaming

Fight to Earn: Fight your way through the Meta World and earn FIGHT tokens while competing with players around the world

Fight to Gain: Level up your Fighter through a fairly distributed earning of Experience Points (EX

Tournament: Take part in special events, win big prizes, and enjoy a smooth ranking system

Player vs Player (1vs1/3vs3): Challenge your fighting skills against other opponents as a single player or in teamplay mode

Player vs Everyone (1vs1): Train your fighting skills against CPU fighters and leverage your EXP

$FIGHT Token

The $FIGHT token has multiple purposes that make it both valuable and essential in Metafighter. First, it is the In-Game Currency. Players can exchange NFTs on the marketplace for FIGHT tokens. Next, experience leverage. Holding $FIGHT tokens in your wallet increases your experience rewards. Want to earn fighting rewards? Challenge any opponent for their $FIGHT tokens. Finally, the $FIGHT token will be used for governance. Loyal token holders can decide and vote for the upcoming game art and features.

Market Opportunity

Blockchain gaming has really taken off in cryptocurrency but it’s still in infancy compared to the entire gaming industry. It only makes sense that players will play to earn while playing their favorite games on the blockchain. No more sitting around on video games before and after work. Now gaming can be your ‘work’! Metafighter is bringing an addictive fighter game similar to Streetfighter to the blockchain, as the FIRST blockchain-powered arcade fighting game!

Metafighter’s TGE is Q1 2022 (so any day now!). The initial market cap is a tiny $512k. Pay attention, ladies and gentlemen, Metafighter is coming to market and coming soon. Don’t miss out! Till the next Medium, you’re on your own. Laterrrrrrr!

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