Monsta Infinite a Play to Earn Game Turning Heads in DeFi

What’s up TCLers?! Have you been following Monsta Infinite? I hope so! Let’s take a closer look at Monsta Infinite and what they have in store for all of us. Monsta Infinite is a decentralized game universe where anyone can earn tokens through playing the game competitively or for leisure.‌ We are officially in the gaming narrative in crypto and it’s not going away. Gaming is what is pushing crypto towards mass adoption, and why crypto is where your focus should be. Especially in gaming! And, guess what? Monsta Infinite is at the forefront!

MONI Will pump in the near future. Let me tell you why.

i) Circulating supply of MONI will reduce drastically

During Marketplace launches, users will use MONI to exchange STT, in order to buy

Monsta or spend on Marketplace. Hence, more MONI will be going into the MONI-STT

liquidity pool, which leads to a lower circulating supply. The lower the supply, the more valuable the token. Kind of like the opposite of FIAT right now. As money is ‘printed’, it’s value goes down and inflation breaks our banks.

Let’s do an example:

If the current circulating supply is approximately 7 million and the token price is approximately $2, then market cap will be approximately 14 million. Assume that 50% of MONI’s circulating supply has been reduced (i.e., MONI is added into the staking treasury). MONI’s price should be above $4 to meet the valuation (aka market cap) of Monsta Infinite.

Now let’s assume that the Chrono Zero Monsta is selling for $100, and the MONI price $2. The Chrono Zero Monsta will cost 50 $MONI.If a total of 140,000 Chrono Zero Monsta are up for sale and 47,000 players buy only one team of 3 Chrono Zero Monsta, then the circulating supply of $MONI is already wiped out as purchasing Monsta requires MONI in exchange for STT. If a Soulbond Monsta sells for $15, then 200,000 players who purchase only one team are capable of wiping out half of the $MONI circulating supply.

This is all hypothetical, however, it explains how $MONI can pump, and will likely pump. For a comparison of what is possible, just look at Axie Infinity. They have a total daily active player count of 2 million!

ii) Compared to other NFT projects, Monsta Infinite is way undervalued. For now.

Just look at the market caps of other related projects compared to $MONI. Monsta Infinite ($MONI), with a market cap of $34,881,600 (assuming $MONI price at $2.40).

Axie Infinity (AXS) — $8,471,686,791

(242x for Monsta Infinite to reach their market cap)

Decentraland (MANA) — $1,026,354,965

(28.4x for Monsta Infinite to reach their market cap)

Yield Guild Games (YGG) — $694,022,746

(18.9x for Monsta Infinite to reach their market cap)

Alien Worlds (TLM) — $249,710,680

(6.2x for Monsta Infinite to reach their market cap)

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) — $233,114,431

(5.68x for Monsta Infinite to reach their market cap)

Polychain Monsters (PMON) — $36,092,692
(0.03x for Monsta Infinite to reach their market cap)

As you can see for Monsta Infinite, the potential of growth with these economic structures on hand such as the tokenomics, financial mechanism, and in-game economy. The market cap is only $34,881,600, which is relatively low and undervalue for an NFT game project.

[MONI token holders distribution]
[Token release schedule]

iii) Tokenomics!

The 3rd reason for why $MONI will pump is related to the tokenomics. The tokens from the presale are soon to be fully released, and the tokens are very well distributed, which won’t result in token dumping. Do you remember how $MONI conducted their raise? It was very strategic in the sense that no whale wallets could be made. Tokens are very well distributed so no whale dumping possible!

iv) STT (our in-game currency) will be utilized on all spending in Monsta Infinite, hence the circulating supply of MONI will be reduced consistently, as STT can only be obtained by exchanging MONI. There will be more MONI placed into the staking treasury, and the staking rewards will be higher for stakers.

Why will the price of Monsta NFT appreciate?

We have all heard of NFTs by now, and seen how some sell for absurds amount of dollaaaahhh. In gaming, it’s all about appreciation! Not in the ‘appreciate you’ sense (although I do!) but in the money sense. The Monsta NFT has a tremendous price appreciation potential for several reasons. Including,

- Each Monsta has a low clone count, and with the high cloning cost, close to doubling the cost from the previous clone, as compared to the breed count and cost to Axie.

- Double Layer Sibling Ban (the difficulty of cloning is increased)

- Augmentation (Monsta core is required in Augmentation, in order to obtain Monsta core, Monsta has to be sacrificed)

- The ROI will be lucrative, as the Monsta prices are starting low and the price of STT is Stable.

- STT price is so stable because of the overwhelming demand for it:

  • Purchasing Monsta using STT
  • Augmentation requires STT
  • Cloning requires STT
  • Monsta trading will incur tax in STT
  • Cosmetic spending
  • Open-world crafting
  • There is a PVE gameplay feature where players can revive their Monsta if their Monsta died during the battle

If there are any questions about how to afford a Monsta when its price appreciates, you may tell your audience that they can purchase Soulbond Monsta to play the game. Soulbond Monsta is a type of normal Monsta that has a starting clone count of 2/4, non-transferable and non-tradable.

Monsta Chain advantage

Yes, you read that right. CHAIN advantage. Monsta Infinite has built its own sidechain, which is the Monsta Chain! So now users can bridge the MONI tokens from the Binance Smart Chain into MONI — STT liquidity pool on the Monsta Chain. The Monsta wallet will be built on the Monsta Chain, and 2FA will be implemented in the future to protect the assets of players. By having its own sidechain, Monsta Infinite will be exposed to an extremely huge player base, as it is multichain compatible, which means it is not only limited to Binance Smart Chain. It can be integrated with other blockchains like Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, etc.

Monsta Infinite Dev team has fulfilled their promise

Ahhhhh… There is nothing like a Dev team fulfilling promises. A lot of crypto is based on speculation, but not Monsta! Monsta Infinite Dev team never breached their promises, and they have made each normal Monsta accessible for $10–15 (Soulbond Monsta), so that everyone can play Monsta Infinite. Monsta Infinite Dev team have fulfilled their vision of universal basic income so that Monsta Infinite game is affordable for everyone. The low-cost entry will result in the tremendous growth of the player base. Other players of the high-cost entry games will join Monsta Infinite as it’s still early to join. Conventional gamers will also definitely give it a try since the cost of joining is lower than a Steam game.

Monsta Infinite Diamond Hand event

Be a MONI hodler now! With a minimum of 10 $MONI in your wallet address, you will get a chance to win an Inception Monsta, and there is only 4,088 in the world!

Diamond Hand mechanics = raffle is based on wallet address, not participant.

Here’s the sweet thing… and listen up closely because it is a big tip! You can open more wallets to store just 10 $MONI in each wallet, to increase your winning chance of getting an Inception Monsta. Make those Metaskmasks :)

💠 MONI is listed on -



🔹 PancakeSwap: MONI/WBNB

💠 Chart — DEXTools, PooCoin

💠 Contract Address: 0x9573c88aE3e37508f87649f87c4dd5373C9F31e0

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Mr 100x = Trend Setter

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