Peer To Peer Exchanges! How GameStar Is About To Break Mountains In DeFi — IDO October 27th

GameStar Exchange is heating up! This is a very exciting project for many reasons, including a decentralized P2P trading platform, an anti-whale raise (no big wallets dumping at launch on this project!) and an incredible team. In this article, we will look at recent updates, partnerships and development. Needless to say, the team at GameStar Exchange has been working around the clock leading up to listing, which will happen in Q4 of 2021!

The global crypto market cap blew through 2 trillion in 2021. GameStar Exchange will serve as a conduit for such international growth. Billions in volume flow through peer-to-peer (P2P) exchanges, as people can invest in cryptocurrency with flexible payment methods. As convenient as P2P exchanges can be, the centralized nature can be painful and frustrating for many users. GameStar is decentralizing the P2P world, eliminating barriers associated with centralization and adding significant features! Through GameStar Exchange, individuals can utilize the functions of a decentralized peer-to-peer platform to empower themselves and others, all while maintaining digital ownership of their assets. GameStar is the world’s leading decentralized P2P trading platform built on Polkadot that provides an efficient, safe, and profitable platform for global digital asset enthusiasts.

GameStar is bringing a ton of excitement to the crypto space and get this… the ‘whales’ were rejected in Seed, Private A and Private B rounds. Anyone seeking more than $5K USDT was shut downnnnnnn. That’s right, no ‘whale wallets’ from the presale stage will be dumping on you or me. That is because GameStar ($GMS) is focused on promoting GMS to active users of the platform. The token is used for reducing exchange fees, as collateral for trading and to participate in our Taurus arbitration system among other uses. We at The Crypto Lifestyle are ecstatic to educate you on why GameStar is turning heads!

The ‘In-Game’ Market and Gamestar Exchange

Let’s get a grasp on blockchain gaming first… Blockchain technology allows for the creation of immediate secondary markets that operate outside of games and in-game economies. Using NFTs in gaming changes the whole face of gaming by giving gamers control of their in-game assets instead of game developers.

Thanks to blockchain tech, gamers can also get complete access to their in-game purchases, sell them to other players for money, or transfer them to other compatible games using blockchain technology. They can also buy the entire game economy and potentially earn millions of dollars.

The benefit of NFTs in the game item market is that they allow the transferability and ownership of digital assets. Skins,” or cosmetic enhancements, clothing, or armament that may be used to customize gaming avatars, are an important aspect of game item markets. Users typically spend hundreds of dollars on skins that improve the aesthetics of a game or character but not the gameplay.

Several platforms now allow players to customize and design their in-game avatars in a number of ways, thanks to NFT gaming. Skins have essentially evolved into digital art for video games, and NFTs enable digital artists to claim ownership of and validate their skins in the future if they choose to sell them. NFTs may also be used to transfer skins and other accessories across games.

NFTs are also changing the way gamers think about online gaming and purchasing in-game assets. Microtransactions, or in-game purchases, are supported in large part by monetization strategies that enable players to earn in-game currency by fulfilling in-game activities such as signing up, filling out the information, winning matches, and so on.

In-game currency is typically used to purchase skins, cosmetic items, and other virtual clothing for a player’s character. And it can be had with real money using a credit card or debit card.

There’s no doubt that NFTs and blockchain tech is disrupting the game item markets. And GameStar Exchange is leading that charge. A revolutionary trading platform that allows peer-to-peer traders to directly connect their wallets to participate in the market, GameStar Exchange provides an efficient, safe, and profitable platform for global digital asset enthusiasts.Game items, game currency, and CD keys are all in high demand within the global gaming market. GameStar Exchange is addressing this demand by offering a borderless platform for the P2P trade of game items, game currency, and CD keys through a decentralized crypto wallet.

GameStar.Exchange Gamer Focused NFT P2P Trading Market

GameStar.Exchange, the world’s leading decentralized P2P trading platform, allows peer-to-peer traders to directly connect their wallet to participate in the market. GameStar Exchange also offers a gamer-focused NFT P2P trading market where artists and game developers can publish auction information for collections and collectors can advertise needs and sell corresponding work. With various features such as two-way trading, a global decentralized market, and guaranteed asset safety, GameStar.Exchange is undoubtedly changing the landscape of NFTs and NFT gaming.

Recent Partnerships and Announcements

The team at GameStar Exchange has been working hard behind the scenes and forming strategic partnerships, developing their exchange which is now open to the public on GitHub and marketing. Recently, GameStar Exchange was happy to sponsor the Blockchain, Crypto-Arts & Future of Money Conference 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria. They say that the support was gratifying from the astounding turnout of crypto enthusiasts brought together by Blockchain Nigeria User Group. This is a great example of the groudwork they are doing to make Gamestar Exchange hit the world by storm when in launches in Q4.


Not a partnership, but important nonetheless! How many projects talk about how much development they are doing buy yet don’t have a public Github? A lot. Sometimes, they are doing notttthhhhhiiinnnnggg behind the scenes but yet tell us how wonderful they are. Well, Gamestar Exchange is transparent in its development and made its development public. Now that the exchange is live on GitHub, anybody interested in or passionate about GameStar Exchange can easily keep up with the platform’s progress. The risks of duplicative or conflicting work are also significantly reduced thanks to GitHub’s ability to allow several developers to collaborate on a single project at the same time, potentially decreasing production time as well.

Given how influential the GitHub community is, GameStar Exchange stands to get a significant amount of exposure and insight, unmatched by any other platform. Developments and changes to the GameStar project may be debated publicly thanks to the presence of millions of programmers and enthusiasts who download, examine, and assess each other’s work.


CryptoLocally is the first completely decentralized peer-to-peer crypto trading platform, allowing users to quickly and securely purchase and sell cryptocurrencies in their local currency utilizing the site’s patent-pending smart contract escrow system. Users may trade over 20 different tokens and use more than 50 different payment methods all across the world.

Both brands share the same mission — to empower local P2P traders by expanding the number of secure P2P trading options available. And with this mission established, CryptoLocally can be a perfect solution to GameStar for fiat onboarding and offboarding in local markets. GameStar Exchange also plans to execute an NFT partnership with CryptoLocally in the future to help their users easily sell NFTs through P2P.

So how’s the partnership going to work? And how will it unlock value for users? Here’s everything you need to know.

Anyone with a basic understanding of NFTs and cryptocurrencies can clearly see how the partnership offers both companies endless opportunities and competitive advantages.

- Basically, CryptoLocally will act as a payments bridge for GameStar Exchange.

- By using CryptoLocally, all users on the GameStar Exchange platform can easily and securely buy cryptocurrencies.

- They may also seamlessly buy and sell gift cards and NFTs on the GameStar Exchange platform.

This collaboration between GameStar Exchange and CryptoLocally will address some of the NFT ecosystem’s most pressing issues. Because they operate with the same set of principles in complementary sectors, the collaboration between GameStar Exchange and CryptoLocally will undoubtedly create profound synergies for both businesses.


GameStation is a platform that helps gaming developers to raise funds and build a community. The multi-chain NFT marketplace of GameStation allows players to own the value of their in-game items, thereby allowing them to trade, borrow and lend them. GameStation also conducts community-led tournaments, where their community organizes the event to play and earn.

This is really the perfect partnership for both projects. As the world’s leading decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform for gift cards, game items and NFTs, GameStar Exchange has significant knowledge and expertise in developing NFTs for games, as well as in launching NFT’s on the marketplace. This is significant for the world of GameFi, where the tools developed by GameStar Exchange can help gamers to interact with their in-game items much more efficiently. GameStar Exchange also has its utility token, the $GMS token, which can be used for platform mining, transaction rewards, referral rewards, and other incentives on the platform.

Given how GameStation is also looking to build an ecosystem where game developers and the community can work hand in hand to develop the best GameFi games, by marketing their games on GameStar Exchange’s platform, both brands seek to make gains. Developers will also be able to create their own in-game NFTs and sell them on a thriving NFT market as a result of the collaboration. Hence, this partnership is undoubtedly a milestone for both brands.

Egoras Microfinance Lending Platform

Egoras microfinance protocol provides uncollateralized micro-credit to small entrepreneurs and enterprises who cannot take shelter of banks for banking and other services.

GameStar Exchange and Egoras Microfinance Lending Platform are pleased to announce a partnership to expand and grow together. Each platform seeks to help the unbanked by providing liquidity and credit to help them gain financial independence. Both firms are focused on growing in developing countries in Africa and around the world as well.

The partnership will include marketing opportunities, special offers, technical integration and more. We will see more on the strategic nature of this partnership in the near future.

JetCrypto Wallet

JetCrypto Wallet is the most friendly crypto wallet in the world. They will help, advise and teach you how to buy and use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, and USD Coin. Through JetCrypto, you can exchange BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, DASH, USDT, USDC, BNB, BCH and replenish from external wallets. It is an easy-to-use management tool of all your cryptocurrency accounts;

The JetCrypto team has developed and provided services for a large number of payment and banking systems and have 16 years of experience in Fintech. Their experiences in banking gives them a deep understanding of UIX when working with remote financial services.


StreetTrader is a unique and forward looking Broker who’s mission is to provide its clients with competitive market prices, easy to use platforms and second to none client service. Unlike many brokers that offer trading in one market, StreetTrader allows you to trade in the Equity & Forex Markets. StreetTrader does not limit the amount of day trading that clients can do, based on the amount of money in their account. There is no pattern day trading restriction, which require as you to maintain an account balance of at least $25,000. They allow unlimited day to day trade, with as little as $500. Dedicated to you and your success by providing you with secure, advanced technology to boost and personalise support.


Netvrk is a social virtual world and platform, with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetise creations. With a focus on gaming, education and virtual workplaces, built around ownership of virtual land and assets. Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain that allows users to own virtual land and monetize their creations via NFTs. GameStar will be featured in Netvrk’s metaverse, allowing users to interact with the virtual GameStar headquarters, trade, and socialize with other users. Netvrk Ventures has also taken an investment position in GameStar.

For more information on Gamestar Exchange, and why a decentralized Peer-to-Peer exchange is exactly what the market needs, see our previous article on Gamestar Exchange. Pay attention to this one as it launches soon and is highly anticipated to make big changes in the cryptocurrency market.

Till the next medium, you’re on your own. Laterrrrrr…

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