Sidus NFT Heroes A Futuristic PLAY2EARN NFT MMORPG Launching Soon!

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7 min readDec 13, 2021


SIDUS HEROES is the rave right now and TGE is right around the corner. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is a cryptocurrency project you do not want to miss out on. SIDUS is on fire and it hasn’t even launch yet! TGE is right around the corner and is on… December 15th! Get ready for the next revolution P2E gaming with SIDUS HEROES.


The success and quality of the game is guaranteed by the team of experts that have rallied around the idea. The SIDUS team features a large number of experts from different domains — blockchain, DeFi, game development and NFT art. Bringing their experience and creative ideas together, the team has what it takes to launch the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG.

SIDUSs is a valuable game in which a person may observe new mechanics, experience complete immersion in its digital reality and not want to stop.

Every player has the opportunity to not only enjoy becoming engrossed in the game world, but to earn real money as a result and find new friends who may later become their partner on the way to achieving success. A hybrid network of work, university and the entertainment industry is being created.

This is a breakthrough in the gaming and financial industry which has become possible thanks to WEB 3.0 and the endless possibilities of this new world.

The habitual way of life has changed beyond recognition. Technology has entered our lives to the extent that there is no turning back. Finance, economics, everyday life — much of this is already driven by the internet, having all become digitalized.

Nowadays, the world we inhabit is moving into the internet, smoothly and rapidly at the same time, sometimes blurring the line between our real lives and our virtual existence. YouTube has replaced TV broadcasting, retail markets have been replaced by Amazon, social media news feeds have eliminated thousands of print media outlets around the world, Tinder has become a regular method of dating and Zoom has become a substitute for the office space for billions of people around the world. This is how technology is having a global impact on the economic landscape.

The modern landscape of new technologies, financial systems and user preferences creates tremendous opportunities for creating systems that will be as close to reality as possible and can help in the implementation of products that are difficult to distinguish from reality. This is exactly where SIDUS HEROES fits in.

A New Level of Play-to-Earn

SIDUS HEROES takes the P2E concept to another level and extends the game’s reachability by being accessible in one click. To start playing, users don’t need to download an application onto their Android, iOS, PC or Mac. They just have to open up their browser and type in the game’s URL.

SIDUS HEROES tansports players to a whole new world in which technological advancements have reached a level where they have merged with all living beings, becoming as one with them. The universe is inhavited by 12 tech-based races that represent different blockchains and are already familiar to the community — Bitcoione, Etheredus, Avalanya, Polkacyon and others. Just like in the NFT collection, character, features and a Hero’s outlook on life is predeterminded by the race he belongs to.

Despite all the difference, endless clashes and chaos, SIDUS’ scenarios and missions pull in players from different backgrounds and push them to find common ground. If they want to advance, they must collaborate. Players can join forces and go on difficult missions together.


There are two tokens within SIDUS HEROES. To be able to purchase and sell NFTs, users will need either SIDUS or SENATE Tokens. The purchase and sale of various plots of land or modular parts is only possible with SENATE Tokens. Using the internal game currency, users can purchase accelerators and consumables to make the gameplay more efficient and productive. The creation and improvement of an NFT Hero and the enhancement of equipment items and various parts of a ship are only possible with the internal game tokens. The political plot line is vital in the game. Every individual is able to realize their social potential and participate in the development of the project, expressing their political outlook. The user receives a share of the voting power for making decision about various changes in the universe in direct proportion to how many SENATE tokens they possess. SIDUS HEROES currency is also required to make payments for internal services and platform commissions. It is Important to note that deflationary process are also in operation, which creates positive pressure on the demand for in-game tokens and provides an additional incentive for keeping this currency in users’ wallets and gaining additional yield.


SIDUS HEROES makes for a unique find for many types of people. In the game, everyone will find something that they like. Whether a loner or a team player, users will get great pleasure from the internal processes, whether they are an economic genius, a tactical expert or any other kind of participant — no one can remain indifferent and everyone can find their way in SIDUS HEROES. Beginning with the Arena…


The central and most vital action in the game takes place in the arena, the site of battle, where teams of 3 players must face each other. This is the event where all processes of character leveling, purchase of components and various game attire to enhance Heroes’ characteristics culminate. It is the most important an d exciting event in the universe — players entering the PvP battlefield and fighting one another. In battle, players are able to win real rewards and where the most valuable assets and resources are distributed.

The Team and the Heroes

The key figure and main economic agent in the game is the Hero who joins teams for completing quests, goes on joint missions and enters into the battlefield. The team whips up representatives from different races and different blockchain planets. Every Hero has unique characteristics, statistics and performs different roles in the team, possessing certain ammunition, clothes and talents. In their spare time between battles, the Heroes are engaged in the development of their personal indicators, which will alter be used on the battlefield. Level up, choose the best weapons and clothes. Every Hero can be improved and acquire new talents and skills.


Ya, that’s right. Pets! Like, why not? Every player can adopt a pet or acquire one in any of the missions. A player can have several pets, but only take 1 with them onto the battlefield if they choose. The pet is also a playable character and is the companion of the main Hero who helps them and boosts them up.

The Universe

The Universe is the centerpiece of the game. It is the construct in which everything happens and begins. The game starts out at the central station, where every player is located. Every corner of the universe is an economic pretext, except for the central station, which is in the public domain. Players can travel between planets, stations, solar system and complete various tasks. Planets are also economic entities.

SIDUS HEROUES is hot as faaaa…. And for good reason. Don’t miss out on this one folks. That’s all for now… until the next Medium, you’re on your own. Laterrrrrrr…

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