SolChicks Is A Play To Earn On Solana Ready To Melt Faces And Here Is Why!

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7 min readNov 26, 2021

SolChicks has a tonne of hype and is ready to take the market by storm! Their TGE is right around the corner and they will be launching off of several different launchpads. They are live on Lightning launchpad, Trustpad, NFTPad (TrustPad), Samurai Cyberfi, TruePnL Launchpad, MetaPlay (PolyPlay) and CoinxPad…essentially the BIGGEST coin launch ever! Just check out the official launchpad partners below! Of the total public raise, they will allocate a proportion of this to each launchpad for them to offer to their members. The whitelist for the IDO (public sale) is also where you can get $CHICKS tokens!

TGE for $CHICKS is on December 6th!

SolChicks has a lot of partnerships that will support their success pre and post launch. You may have already see their NFTs for sale. That’s because they are! Similar to Cryptopunks, there is a limited supply of 10,000, and some are already available on the market. Check them out on any of the Solana-based Marketplaces for SolChicks! Whether it’s Solanart, DigitalEyes, Solshop, Solsea, or MagicEden, they are there!

Game Mechanics

SolChicks is a ‘Play-to-Earn’ gaming system, where users are rewarded based on their efforts and skill. The battles you engage in revolve around a matchmaking system that connects you to opponents of a similar skill level. SolChicks can participate in PvPs and earn in-game SolCoin rewards post-match once they reach Fledgling level 15. You can also use a range of unique items, equipment and consumables to take your level of play to the next level.

SolChicks are highly customisable based on the primary and secondary stats that your character possesses. These stats are crucial because they determine your SolChick’s health and damage output as well as their power levels. Stats can improve through NFT attributes/items, which can be bought and sold. Once you have levelled up your SolChick to a certain Progression level, you will be able to unlock classes, and at a higher Endgame level, enter the Masteries to increase your power levels even further. These customisations are designed so that players have a unique and fun experience the more they play!

The SolChicks gameplay includes a variety of features that allow players the chance to bond with their SolChicks. This unique pet gameplay means that players can interact with their SolChick in many ways, and depending on how you do it, this can bring about benefits or losses. Feeding and playing with your SolChick, or your lack of doing so, will affect your battle ability positively or adversely, so it is vital to keep your SolChick well-fed. Another exclusive feature is SolChick breeding — a special privilege for users whose SolChicks have reached Level 45 at Progression Level tier. This process allows players to potentially hatch a SolChick with rarer attributes than its’ parents at an in-game cost.

The full details of how to interact with your SolChick and other breeding rules can be found in the paper. Remember, the more you know, the better chance you have of beating the SolFox!

As SolChicks sits at the intersection between the gaming and NFT economy it needs to set in place strong incentives for players, investors and collectors. There will only be 10,000 mints of the Origin SolChicks NFT, meaning only a limited number of people will be allowed to play initially. To combat this issue, they allow NFT owners to stake their SolChicks, i.e letting others borrow your NFT, and also allowing unlimited SolChicks to be created (more on this in the paper). There will be a cost to both these mechanisms as well as breeding to preserve the scarcity and, in turn, the value of SolChicks.

The features mentioned above are only some of the multitudes of ways SolChicks will revolutionise the NFT gaming ecosystem. As they march on towards the frontier of this space, they want players to understand the full extent of the intricate gameplay so they can truly enjoy what SolChicks has to offer. Have a look at the Game Mechanics Paper on their website, and start your journey to SolChicks glory!

Why SolChicks?

Unlike Axie Infinity, you won’t just be playing to earn but can also gain a refreshing and real-time 3D combat experience. No project in Solana nor in the P2E landscape is mounting this attention to detail and live-action battles. Just check out the game demo on their website!

Compared to Axie, SolChicks is built on the Solana blockchain instead of Ethereum. It uses a sophisticated algorithm named the “Proof-of-History” method that enables the blockchain to store data in chronological order. This gives Solana the superior position of aligning and creating smart contracts that are more robust, faster and with less fees when compared to Ethereum.

SolChicks allows you to discover rare collectibles and be rewarded for your playtime through a detailed, integrated ecosystem, all while taking advantage of the power of decentralised ownership that cryptocurrency brings. As one of the first NFT-driven gaming platforms built on the Solana blockchain, SolChicks has combined the best of both worlds into one INTEGRATED gaming platform so now you can enjoy UNIQUE NFT collectibles, and use them as main characters in an exciting virtual world.

Better yet, each SolChick that you collect is 100% owned by YOU (and will be owned by you for as long as you choose to keep it), AND ultimately gives YOU a share in the profits of the platform. No matter who you are, where you come from or your circumstances, SolChicks is focused on uniting people together in an enjoyable and beneficial online interface so they too can understand and nurture the benefits of cryptocurrency.


But how does gaming contribute to more crypto in your pocket? Simply battle against other players across our vibrant community, compete in tournaments, grow and bond with your SolChick family or start your journey to collect even the RAREST of SolChicks on this fantastic integrated gaming platform to develop a basis for trading, selling, and purchasing in-game and in turn, grow your digital wealth. Launching soon, there are so many things to do and so many different ways to evolve in this NFT-driven gaming platform that we know you’ll be hooked for hours!

The best part? They have crafted the Solana Blockchain experience to REWARD players for their commitment and loyalty to the game, making it a TRUE play-to-earn experience. Not only this, but SolChicks allows players to reap the benefits of economics in many different forms. They have created multiple pathways to earn, meaning YOU get to choose how you rise through the ranks and turn game time into long-term finance.

SolChicks has a bullish roadmap and will be ready to play in June 2022. They are progressing rapidly every day. Join the SolChicks communities below to stay up to date with the latest news and updates.

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That about sums is up. You can find a lot more information on SolChicks through their whitepaper, TG and Discord. We highly suggest that you pay close attention to this hype project as it is the next big thing to hit the Solana Blockchain. We’ll leave it at this for now TCLers. Till the next Medium, you’re on your own… Laterrrrrrr.

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