SOLPAD: Solana’s First IDO Platform Turning Heads In The DeFi Space


Solana, claiming to be one of the fastest innovative blockchains to emerge in the space. Currently sitting at rank#15 on Coingecko, processing more than 50,000 transactions per second and having 400ms block times, Solana boasts its dominance over the famed “trilemma”, Decentralization, Scalability and Security, utilizing it’s revolutionary Proof of History (POH) process. It is also an overall cheap Blockchain Network for everyone to smoothly operate on without getting slammed with massive gas transaction fees. With these capabilities, it leaves the ground ripe for innovation-and that they did.

Presenting Solana’s new gem within its infancy;


Solpad, a brand new IDO Platform on the Solana Blockchain. Solpad aims to drive adoption towards their rapidly growing blockchain by funding future innovative start ups. They aim to help the pioneers and adopters of the new Solana chain born projects by connecting them to top developers, product designers, advisory services, tokenomics, rollout strategies and more.

Solpad is a platform which will disrupt the way that everyday investors enter and participate in the DeFi ecosystem and throughout the growing Solana network.

Perhaps one of the most notable features that I must point out- Unlike previous IDO platforms you’ve seen and or experienced in the past, SOLPAD gives fair and accessible capital for everyone. It’s a fairly distributed IDO platform that gives users guaranteed allocations based on their Pool weight or token amount within the pool. There are 4 different staking tier. No longer will you have to fight tooth and nail for gas wars or fighting a hoard of bots just to invest early in a project and you won’t need nearly as much capital as the predecessors in the space.

Their 5 tier system, so far, is as follows:

SEAWEED: 15,000 Staked PAD tokens, 2.5% POOL WEIGHT

SHRIMP: 60,000 Staked PAD tokens, 9.5% POOL WEIGHT

CRAB: 100,000 Staked PAD tokens, 16% POOL WEIGHT

SHARK: 180,000 Staked PAD tokens, 28% POOL WEIGHT

WHALE: 280,000 Staked PAD tokens, 44% POOL WEIGHT

“The main aim of Solpad Finance is to solve the illiquidity problem of Solana Ecosystem, and to provide the one harmonized UX/UI using our platform (an important thing that usually getting neglected by other projects).”

So what does Solpad have in it’s near future?

Quarter 2 of 2021 is where we are now. The tokenmics have been finalized, the UI/UX are completed, core platform finished, seed round and the private round are complete. It’s ready to go.

Crowdfunding complete and now the IDO platform is launching. This is the most excited part in my opinion, Solpad will be creating SOLSWAP. SOLSWAP Beta will be bringing a “Solfarm Market” within Solpad liquidity. A multi-chain DEX AND a Multichain wallet

And SOL WALLET projects lauded on SOLPAD will instantly be launched on SOLSWAP

Easily swap between Solana network based tokens and tokens running on other blockchains. In other words, an all-in-one agnostic chain e a multi-chain wallet source. Users will be able to seamlessly hold and swap assets

This will be the go to IDO platform for new innovators looking to explore the blockchain’s capabilities. Users will be able to participate in crowd funding, private and public sales, liquidity mining, multi-chain swapping and more. Its still fresh but judging by the roadmap on their website

SOLPAD will be structured by a DAO, (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) determining its true decentralized future. They aim to incentivize long term supporters by improving on their tier model system over time, while offering vesting options where stakers can turn their native tokens in for LPs and high rewards. Other features will take root later, essentially mimicking their own miniature ecosystem, NFT and money market for long term holders. SOLPAD will be bringing in the first adopters, capturing all of the market share for projects that intend to have true decentralized offerings on the broader chain. Notice I said no “killers” Solana is planning ecosystem partnerships, Multi-chain sales, NFT auction protocols and much more.

SOLPAD’s mission is to bring high quality projects to individuals across the world in a fair and decentralized manner.As we know there are numerous scams and rug-pulls on both the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chains, even the best of projects are susceptible to having bad actors who try to sabotage projects and scam investors the numerous scams and rug-pulls that happen on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. For this, not anyone can receive their incubation roll out. Only high quality projects that undergo intense vetting processes, internal reviews, security checks and VC due-diligence checks may qualify. SOLPAD aims to list the best projects and help make Solana an over all safer chain in comparison to ETH and BSC

To have a more detailed look into their token metrics.


Remember to strike while the irons hot and this is a definite gem to keep your eye on. I’m more bullish than ever to participate on Solana’s new blockchain and am looking forward to what the IDO will bring to their ecosystem. I have participated in many IDO launchpads some were game changers and birthed true gems, others were faulty, but for this I am very excited. It’s due time many other protocols will start to show their strengths and weaknesses. What will be the new applications they bring to the ecosystem? That is the question. I believe Solana’s network will be highly received.

Of course, I will share more of this project as time progresses, as their website is still freshly launched. For more, stay tuned…

Solpad launchpad on Solana blockchain is the next big gainer !

Cheers from The Crypto Lifestyle Team


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