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What is Star Atlas?

Star Atlas is a massively-multiplayer online metaverse. In the distant future, three galactic factions have emerged, in an ongoing struggle for resources, territorial conquest, and political domination. Players can join a faction, directly influence the course of the metaverse, and earn real-world income for their contributions. Powered by the Solana protocol, Star Atlas is building its blockchain driven massively-multi player metaverse. Star Atlas is revolutionary as they combine the power of traditional game mechanics with blockchain mechanics, to earn players valuable cryptocurrency through an interstellar experience.

Why Solana?

Solana is the fastest blockchain on the planet. The Solana blockchain’s breakthrough in transaction throughput sets the stage for a largely serverless online multiplayer game. Solana has an extremely high throughput allowing 50,000 transactions per second (currently, with expectations of increases as the network grows). This feature allows gameplay interactions between assets to be recorded in real time and bypasses the need for a robust traditional server backend for online multiplayer games. Solana additionally delivers an expansive and robust development toolset, which the Star Atlas development team will leverage to build the metaverse. Such performance at the blockchain layer enables a future in which all game logic can be computed on a suite of on-chain smart applications. The vision at Star Atlas is to deliver a purely blockchain-driven universe that will change the gaming industry forever.

The Game in a ‘Nutshell’

The way a blockchain network is designed closely mimics the basis for the genre of Star Atlas. Mining or staking is the core of how blockchain assets are proven to be legitimate and tangible. To discover mined assets requires exploration on the part of a miner to unlock value. People set up mining or staking nodes and plug them into the blockchain network to enhance the network while also earning value from it. The hybrid experience of Star Atlas closely mimics the nature of how blockchain technology functions

In Star Atlas, users will be able to manually pilot or captain their own ship in a seated first person view through virtual reality. They will be able to use flight sticks, throttles, multi-functional button control panels, head tracking hardware, and most importantly, virtual reality head-mounted displays.

The first principle driving the entire economy of Star Atlas is the mining gameplay. The wealth derived from mining creates many other branching revenue streams for players to contribute to and establish a career. From trading raw and refined ore, to cargo hauling, to crafting retail components, there is a broad range of career choices a player can embody and advance within the specializations of that career.

Star Atlas enables players to captain deep-space, crewed spaceships to scan and discover celestial and terrestrial assets. Once discovered, rich claims such as rare deep space minerals and ore, that are staked can be mined, refined and traded through a network of in-game supply chains. Supply chains include commercial mining installations, refineries, and the Universal Marketplace, which is the hub for buying and selling all assets. Do you see now? Blockchain and gaming in a perfect harmony! Players can earn real-world money through events such as mining or combat for the players who choose to take this risk. The in-game native currency comes in the form of ATLAS tokens, which are also burned in genius ways to keep the value of the token high. We will further discuss these details at the end of this article.

The Rebirth Campaign. ReBirth: Genesis of a Metaverse

Star Atlas is currently running a 14-week sale where users (aka Atlassians) have the opportunity to be part of the journey, and purchase a Star Atlas produced NFT Meta-Poster. The release of a series of 14 super-high-definition Meta-Posters blurs the line between the real and the virtual world, simultaneously bringing utility and rewards to both.

As an initiation into the metaverse of an entirely new genre of experiences, Star Atlas is offering everyone an opportunity to be part of the journey. The release of a series of 14 super-high-definition Meta-Posters blurs the line between the real and the virtual world, simultaneously bringing utility and rewards to both. The Meta-Posters are jaw dropping but most importantly, have some juicy awards available for Atlassians. The rewards come as a Loot Crate and include in-game assets like crew mates, ships, mining rigs, space stations, limited edition skins and more things that you will need to begin playing once the game launches. For a specific breakdown of all rewards, you can visit the Star Atlas website.

The artistic talent behind each Meta-Poster is incredible to say the least. See below for a picture of The rogue planet, Iris, dense with invaluable materials, draws in and collides with seven child planets in a remote region of space, creating what is henceforth referred to as “The Cataclysm”. When combined, these eight elements create a form of free energy. The collision creates a massively valuable debris field. Each poster includes Augmented Reality features where using a phone or tablet can bring it to life, including animation and sound. I highly suggest you check this out and can find all 14 Meta-Posters here:

The Rebirth Campaign is an example of the future of market engineering. Star Atlas approaches their community by launching regenerative experiences where NFTs, art, design, and music are augmented by an XR elixir. Immersive technology is the future of community-driven experiential marketing. They started the campaign on April 24th, and end July 24th. It has been beyond successful already, bringing in around $750, 000 per week that will go towards the development of Star Atlas. Co-founder Michael Wagner has this to say about the Rebirth Campaign so far:

I cannot express the gratitude I have for our impassioned early following of gamers, of crypto explorers, and brave trail blazers. We consider our initial launch of the Star Atlas marketplace and ReBirth portal a tremendous success. Attracting the interest of thousands of buyers, and creating revenue in the neighborhood of $750,000 per week! This revenue is essential to the long-term success of Star Atlas. We have embarked upon an enormous undertaking. The capital requirements will be considerable, and the energy requirements even greater. So to those of you supporting us with this ReBirth campaign, we thank you. I thank you. Without you, this vision would remain purely that — ambition. But with this support, it solidifies our resolve to continue this ambitious vision, and validates to us that we are on the right path. We are sincerely looking forward to the prospects ahead, and continuing this metaversal journey with you.

Star Atlas Economics

A key driver of value within the Universe of Atlas is the monetary reward system delivered via robust, well-balanced economics, supported by both in-game and blockchain mechanics. A supplemental objective of the development team is to drive real-world human innovation and progress by leveraging this virtual world as an experimental sandbox for economic and governance research. Star Atlas is driven by a dual token system (ATLAS | POLIS), with multi-currency Solana asset support.

ATLAS will serve as the native in-game currency within Star Atlas. It is the lubricant of the metaverse. Players will initially leverage ATLAS to acquire digital assets such as ships, crew, components, land, and equipment. However, as in any real economy, a financial system is necessary to facilitate commerce. Whether it be through NPC merchants, or direct peer-to-peer transactions, ATLAS is the unit of account to execute operational requirements. Operating a business is challenging. Managing resources will require critical strategic decision making. Players seeking the monetary rewards available in-game will need to carefully balance their operating expenses against income derived. Operating expenses, such as personnel for mining equipment, fuel for ships, and repairs for damages will all need to be paid in ATLAS. It will also serve as the predominant currency within the NFT marketplace. Making real bank playing an incredible game. Is this not every gamer’s dream?!

POLIS is a multifunctional governance token, with applications both in-game and in directing real-world economic policy. Within the Star Atlas metaverse, political influence is yet another strategic consideration in the management of territory and the navigation of space. Controlling this political influence introduces a number of advantages for player status, which is represented by the POLIS token. Holders of POLIS will be in a unique position of jurisdictional ownership over entire regions, regardless of who owns title (NFT) to the land and equipment rights. These players will be able to restrict some of the activity that can occur while under their oversight, impose taxes on other players, charge tolls, and otherwise create a separate set of laws with which other players must observe.

Asset Destruction and Deflationary Mechanics

An innovative aspect of Star Atlas is the multi-tiered engagement zones. This mechanic enables players to engage in riskier activity, with the allure of greater rewards. Those players brave enough explore the deepest regions of space forfeit the safety provided by NPC-populated zones. The equivalent to playing for ‘pink sheets, ’. Through seamless smart contract asset assignment, players entering these zones put their ships and crew on the line. A loss of a ship leads to a permanent destruction (burn) of said NFT. The victor in these engagements will claim spoils of the battle in the form of salvaged NFTs; however, at only a fractional random share of what was destroyed. Further, certain farmed materials are non-permanent, and will be destroyed as they are consumed for use. i.e. materials used in construction (reduced return when deconstructing an item for material recapture), fuel, temporary boosts, etc. The deflationary mechanics of Star Atlas are genius and ahead of its time. They are integrating gaming on the blockchain through a whole new experience and paving the way for future through the power of the blockchain.

Star Atlas is leading the way in gaming with in-game play to earn economies, and if they succeed, we will without a doubt see a new revolution of gaming explode on the blockchain. Whether you want to jump in early now and join the Rebirth Campaign or sit on the sidelines and watch the new era of gaming unfold before your eyes, Star Atlas is making history by combining the power of both cryptocurrency and gaming worlds.

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