Gamestar IDO Details — Comming To 3 Major launchpads October 27th!

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4 min readOct 25, 2021

The time is almost here. The GameStar Exchange ($GMS) IDO we have all been waiting for! GameStar Exchange will have their IDO on October 27th across three communities, including PolkaEx, DuckSTARTER and Lightning. The token listing will be on Pancakeswap and announced shortly after the IDO. G At only a $125k initial market cap, you can be excited to see GameStar Exchange blast-off especially if you are in one of the IDOs. You also don’t have to worry about being dumped on by a whale wallet, as GameStar Exchange concluded their ‘no whale wallets’ raise by turning away any contribution of more than $5K USDT. That is because GameStar Exchange is focused on promoting GMS to active users of the platform. The token is used for reducing exchange fees, as collateral for trading and to participate in the Taurus arbitration system among other uses. The GMS tokens are distributed across many wallets, as opposed to mostly in a few wallets like many other projects. Protecting all of our investments in what is the World’s leading decentralised P2P trading platform built on Polkadot.

A Decentralized P2P Exchange

As convenient as P2P exchanges can be, the centralized nature can be painful and frustrating for many users. GameStar is decentralizing the P2P world, eliminating barriers associated with centralization and adding significant features! Through GameStar Exchange, individuals can utilize the functions of a decentralized peer-to-peer platform to empower themselves and others, all while maintaining digital ownership of their assets. GameStar is the world’s leading decentralized P2P trading platform built on Polkadot that provides an efficient, safe, and profitable platform for global digital asset enthusiasts.

We know that Paxful is a leader… wait… THE leader in bitcoin P2P marketplaces in the world with over $5 billion of volume. This tells us that there is a real market and, real demand for bitcoin P2P marketplaces across the globe. We also know that the centralized nature of Paxful can lead to painfully long wait times. Well, GameStar solves this. GameStar is the world’s leading decentralized P2P trading platform built on Polkadot that provides an efficient, safe and profitable platform for global digital asset enthusiasts. To add to this, Gamestar’s CEO is Joshua Vizer, the former director at Paxful! This. Is. Massive! We’re not talking about a team that is trying to figure out P2P marketplaces. The experience is already at GameStar and without the limitations of centralization.

GameStar.Exchange Gamer Focused NFT P2P Trading Market

GameStar.Exchange, the world’s leading decentralized P2P trading platform, allows peer-to-peer traders to directly connect their wallet to participate in the market. GameStar Exchange also offers a gamer-focused NFT P2P trading market where artists and game developers can publish auction information for collections and collectors can advertise needs and sell corresponding work. With various features such as two-way trading, a global decentralized market, and guaranteed asset safety, GameStar.Exchange is undoubtedly changing the landscape of NFTs and NFT gaming.

Key Partnerships and Announcements

Checkout the Gamestar Exchange GitHub. They made their development public so you could all see their behind the scenes work. They have also made strategic partnerships with Cryptolocally, Gamestation, Egoras, JetCrypto, StreetTrader and NetVRK. For more information on key partnerships and announcements, please visit this Medium by The Crypto Lifestyle. To learn about the Gamestar Exchange team, go here.

GameStar Exchange is the next 100x project featured by The Crypto Lifestyle. Decentralization and mass adoption at its finest! Let’s go bank that coin!

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